Archetypes, Inc. (New York, US)
Lead Drupal themer and frontend developer is a news and community site built around the principle of archetypes.

Archetypes, Inc., the company behind Archetypes, is headquartered in New York, US and, during the bulk of development, comprised an in-house team of about ten working in combination with third-party developers from Tag1.

I worked as the lead in-house themer responsible for all frontend theming and site building tasks. This included day-to-day use of modern web development standards such as HTML5, Sass, Compass, and responsive design, and also Drupal specific functionality such as custom content types, Features, Views, and Display Suite.

Local development was carried out on a VM (we used VirtualBox with Vagrant and Puppet). All code was version controlled via Git and we used GitHub to handle repositories, code review, etc. Tickets were managed via Jira.

Recently transitioned to WordPress. I led the frontend work during the transition and continue today to provide part-time development support.

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