Sony Music (New York, US)
Drupal site build and theming

Ciara's upgraded multilingual Drupal site implements a theme utilising panels, views, nodeblocks, tabbed blocks, and custom content types. Views carousels feature prominently and jQuery is used to add further stylistic touches.

The home page photos block, for example, is a Quick Tabs tabbed block (the tabs being stacked vertically to one side) with each tab containing a views block which outputs user submitted photos based upon a particular taxonomy term that the user can select when adding a photo to the site.

The site also provides an overview of all site sections in an extended footer. For maximum flexibility, the footer is constructed of three custom regions with each site section overview being a separate nodeblock or views block positioned within one of the regions. The footer includes the latest news item, tweet, fan post, links to Ciara's profiles on various social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.), and a call to action suggesting users sign up for her newsletter.

Home page

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