Gogol Bordello

Sony Music (New York, US)
Drupal site build and theming

The multilingual Drupal site for gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello incorporates a considerable amount of CCK and Views theming, as well as locale specific CSS in order to present either plain text or graphical replacements for that text to users. For example, if a user is recognised as coming from an English speaking territory they will see the graphical replacement of a title or menu item, whereas if they are recognised as coming from a non-English speaking territory they will see a plain text version of the heading or menu item. As such, we can implement customisation of select parts of the text where possible whilst still retaining a fully translatable site.

I also built a couple of small custom modules for this site - one module generates a menu item linking to whichever was the most recently created node of a specific node type, and the other module generates an Ajax image pager for the custom 'artwork' node type.

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