Sony Music (New York, US)
Lead Drupal themer, site builder, and frontend developer

The multilingual Drupal based Incubus site showcases a graphically striking design and utilises a vast amount of views, panels, and jQuery theming.

This is particularly the case within 'The Vault' section.

The main Vault page (/vault) incorporates four themed views blocks (1) the 'Just Released' jQuery UI carousel view of recently added Vault content (2) a list view of albums with nodereferenced audio and video track node counts and latest added audio and video track titles (3) an exposed views filter which has been modified to allow users to run queries against the entire vault catalogue (4) and a customised grid view of photos which displays a larger version of the selected image along with most recent comment data.

This section also integrates several custom modules, and I worked closely with the module developer throughout the process in order to ensure that this integration looks and feels seamless to the end user.

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Vault page