Manchester Orchestra

Sony Music (New York, US)
Drupal site upgrade and theming

Manchester Orchestra's upgraded Drupal site incorporates a new theme and functionality. The site utilises Views and panels throughout, the home and videos pages being of particular note.

The home page panel holds several views blocks as well as a couple of nodeblocks. Twitter integration is handled via the contrib Twitter module, with each band member's Twitter account being linked to their Drupal site user account and their tweets being aggregated into the Drupal site as well as the tweets from a general purpose "ManchesterOrch" account. Views is then used to order all of the tweets and generate the "Latest Tweets" block.

The videos page (/videos), meanwhile, presents the user with a tabbed block where each tab contains a views block displaying video thumbnail images for video nodes filtered by taxonomy term, providing an easy and visually appealing way for the user to navigate the band's many videos.

Home page

Videos page detail