Michael Jackson

Sony Music (New York, US)
Lead Drupal themer, site builder, and frontend developer

Both in terms of the number of nodes (over one million) and the number of different sections, Michael Jackson's Drupal site is the largest, and one of the most complex, I've themed.

I worked from London as part of the Sony Music web team, who were based in New York. As with all projects, we kept in frequent communication via email, phone, IM, and IRC.

Views and panels are used heavily throughout the site, with each main section landing page being a panel holding translatable Views blocks. Numerous Views template overrides and custom node types are also used to manipulate the content. At all times, theme implementation decisions had to be considered in the context of this being a truly multi-language site.

The site's mega-menu footer, for example, is a menu block whose items are all translatable, enabling the site to maintain a single menu across all languages. Here, too, a theme override was used, in this instance to allow the insertion of an album view (which is also translatable) into one of the menu items.

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